Welcome to our exceptional Chocolate Factory!

We make the worlds most exclusive Chocolate Truffles.

Just ask those who have experienced them.

Our Chocolate Truffles are distinguished combinations of flavors, most of which are not produced by any other

Chocolate company. Our secret recipes using the highest quality chocolate couverture  and ingredients available make them impossible to duplicate.

We ensure your gratification.

Our Mission is to provide the opportunity for those who pass our way, to experience flavors, textures, and sensations in chocolates, confections, pastries, baked goods, and foods previously unexplored and unexperienced

The delight of our guest is the fuel that fires our passion to create an unequalled experience.

We are certain you will remember us and frequently return, as many others have, to feed your passion as well.

Stop in; Browse around; Then spoil yourself in the Luxury of our exquisite premium Chocolate.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Memorable ~ Top quality full flavored ingredients ~

~ Recipes inspired by passion and love

for incredible chocolate ~

~ Hand crafted

~ Finest chocolate

~ Quality ingredients

~ Preservative and gluten free

~ Guaranteed fresh for 6 weeks

We also creates exquisite Wedding Cakes for that very special occasion. Please view the wedding cake gallery for more information.

Your complete enjoyment of these fine confections is the goal of Robert's Chocolates.

Every care has been taken to create them for

your ultimate enjoyment.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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